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Brand Story

Jewellery is very individualized. Bolino Jewellery represents a strong connection towards each individual, each jewellery has its own personality. It can be emotional, furious or simplistic and exquisite. The material of each jewellery is carefully selected based on the style, design and designer’s philosophy.

Bolino is a quiet and shy girl who loves classical music, art and literature. She plays the piano herself and often gets inspired by nature. She believes that life is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of eyes to find beauty. Just as the quote from a French artist Auguste Rodin:la Beauté est partout. Ce n'est point elle qui manque à nos yeux, mais nos yeux qui manquent à l'apercevoir.

Everyone can be an artist in a life but nowadays, everyone is fast to change. Rarely people remember the essence of life is to be yourself, keep it simple, to live the way that you want to be. We follow the trends, we purchase the most up-to-date fashion items, often after just a few months, we start to not wear them and throw them away and keep purchasing new trending items.

In Bolino Jewellery, most of the jewellery is handmade by using natural resources such as shell, pearls and stones. They are often used in 925 sterling silver or gold filled, by using the premium material. The jewellery can last long and at the same time develop a deeper connection with you. We have jewellery designers that are working diligently on promoting natural beauty and a sustainable world.

Bolino said: best women, you only need air, food, love, books, perfume and jewellery. She created the brand in 2018 which all the products contain her philosophy. She appreciates simplicity and nature.

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PO BOX 485

Brand Story